Laptop skeleton?

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May 10, 2010
  1. I have a dell inspiron 1318 thats got pretty solid specs (4gb ram 250 hdd t5750 etc...) and I like it a lot but ive decided i'm sick of the look. Aside from the 13.3" size, its pretty ugly so I was wondering if anyone knew somewhere that I could buy a "skeleton" of a cooler looking laptop and just transplant all this stuff into it. Yes, I am aware that the mobo, hdd, etc... probably wont fit right without a lot of cutting and ripping and breaking, but I'm willing to take that chance if I can make my lowly inspiron look like an HP envy or something... Any ideas?
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    You probably have way too much spare time on your hands. You could look on EBay for a better condition case for the original Dell
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    I have to say, it probably won't fit period. Also, parts don't work if you cut/break/rip them.
    You could just get a good looking laptop.

    Yes you can buy barebones laptops, but they usually come with the motherboard and essential components (again, since others probably won't fit without modifications as you mentioned, and again, they won't run with said modifications) and allow for minor adjustments to RAM, graphics cards, and harddrives mostly.

    On second thought, the harddrive you could fit in without too much hassle.

    If you're still interested, here are OCZ's DIY notebooks:
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