Laptop sleep problem

  1. Hello, I REALLY need help here. I don't know if anyone's been lookin at this thread or not but I seriously need help with a similar problem.

    Here's the story....

    My dad just got this brand new i5 samsung laptop (at 17.3"!!) and it's giving me a problem, it's only been maybe 4 or so hours since we even turned it on!! (It hasn't been on the whole time though).
    My issue is that the power settings won't change from sleep. What I mean is, when I try to change what closing the lid does, or what the power buttons do it means SLEEP, and ONLY sleep. So it's just... well, trouble. I'm trying to set up my dad's computer all nice and fresh and sparkly since this is his first personal computer (He's had work computers since his company started giving them out to him for who knows how long).

    I would really hate to give my dad his computer back (this saturday) and have him see that the computer goes to sleep every time he shuts the lid.
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    typical issue with OEM drivers for the motherboard.
    I've had a rash of such issues with my Toshiba and have had to reinstall
    the Toshiba Console software where these features are located (for Toshiba at least).

    NOTE: The OEM software will override the Windows control panel so make sure you are accessing the correct software for your laptop.

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