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Laptop stuck on 'Installing update 2 of 31'

By evilsmeagol
Oct 17, 2011
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  1. I'm already in the middle of trying to clean my PC from the frakking redirect5 virus, and now my laptop is stuck. It says 'Please do not power off or unplug your machine. Installing update 2 of 31.' The cursor is spinning as though it is thinking but it has been stuck like that for about 5 hours. There is no response to any keys including ctrl + alt+ delete and if I hold down the power button to turn it off it just goes back to the same screen when I turn it back on again. Please help soon, i am now without 2 computers! I think im starting to get withdrawal symptoms! ;)

  2. evilsmeagol

    evilsmeagol TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 29

    fixed for now

    so i finally just forcibly powered down and then removed the battery, put it back in and the computer booted normally. i don't know if it will try to install the updates again next time i restart. What i don't like is that it happened automatically without warning me or giving me a choice. Let me know if you have any recommendations. thanks!

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