Laptop that has video inputs?

By mbedford
Dec 15, 2004
  1. Hello,

    Is there a laptop out there that has inputs so that you can hook a computer up to it and use the laptop screen as the monitor for the computer. We have alot of computers on a network without monitors, keyboards, and mice and use PcAnywhere but every now and then one doesn't boot, locks up, etc... and PcAnywhere doesn't work. We have been lugging a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the faulty computer but we all carry laptops anyway. I was wondering if there is any laptop out there that allows you to use it's screen as a monitor. Possibly even being able to do the same on keyboard and mouse would be nice too. Somebody told me there is such a thing but i can't find anything. If not, is there some kind of usb device that will do this?


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