Laptop touchpad not working - Drivers? IRQ error? Something else?

By Dorian Gray
Aug 4, 2005
  1. The touchpad on the laptop I'm using isn't working properly. Since my old computer died I plugged in the monitor and the (MS) optical keyboard and mouse so we could all use it like a normal computer rather than a laptop. I did this on monday, and as far as I can tell for the first day or so both the touchpad and the mouse worked, as well as both keyboards. However, now the touchpad won't work whatever we do. We have tried:
    -Unplugging all external mice and restarting the computer
    -Disabling external mice (haven't tried this with restarting, but don't think it makes much difference)
    -Using System Restore to revert any changes up to Sunday (before when the other keyboard/mouse was plugged in)
    -Uninstalling drivers for the touchpad and allowing the laptop to self-detect (which takes two restarts - one for uninstalling the drivers, and one for finalising installation)
    -Opening the BIOS and restoring the default settings (by the way, I was unable to find any touchpad-looking setting in the BIOS, but I wasn't sure if there would be one)

    I didn't install any software for the external optical stuff. We also have just a single optical mouse that we only use for the laptop, and it has never caused us problems like this. I haven't installed any software in the duration, and System Restore should have reverted any changes in any case. What may we have overlooked in fixing it? Some have suggested that the only thing to do may be to rip everything I can off and reinstall Windows, but I have no desire to do this and do not believe it will work in any case.

    The most annoying thing is that, for about five seconds while the computer is saying 'Windows is shutting down', before the laptop actually turns itself off, the touchpad works. It also worked for about the same period of time directly after the computer had booted the second time after 'reinstalling' the hardware, but then stops.

    The most recent 'appraisal' I've had is that it is an IRQ issue, however I am unsure what an IRQ issue is or what I would do to fix it.

    Anyone wanna add their two cents or fill me in on anything?
  2. zellyman

    zellyman TS Rookie Posts: 33

    take a look in device manager to make sure there are no little yellow !'s. Windows will detect the touchpad as a genric ps/2 mouse, but to make it work properly you'll need to get the actual driver from your laptop manufacturer's website, what brand is it?
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