Laptop Video Card Expansion

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Jul 23, 2009
  1. Hi, Im wondering if there is any way to upgrade an internal graphics card in a laptop, that wont break my wallet, looking for someway to play games for less than 300 - 400 if possible. If i cant upgrade the card, i have a mini pci-e slot that is open, is there any graphics cards that i can put into that. Next option after that is usb port, are there any external cards that run on usb. after that how about expresscard 54, are there any expresscard video cards, after that, is there any adapters, like can i adapt an expresscard right into a pci-e port i dont care if its hanging out or if i have to plug in a separate power cord. I know Magma has an enclosure through expresscard but the damn things like $1000 so i might as well by a new laptop if im gonna shell out that much. Ive looked at ViDock 2 which is about $400 does anyone have any experience with that? but i was hoping for an even cheaper solution if possible, and i dont care what it looks like, if it looks like i just ripped a desktop apart and its hanging out next to my laptop, i dont care as long as it works, is cheap and is semi portable. any information and help is greatly appreciated.
  2. raybay

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    It would be good to know your current laptop brand and model, OS, configuration, and memory possibilities,
  3. MysterioMask

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    Gateway T-6330u, Windows XP Pro, Have 4 gigs ram, which is max, 128 integrated graphics.
  4. MysterioMask

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    ? No info at all on any of the questions i asked?
  5. raybay

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    Open the case and see if it has a removable graphics card. If it does, take note of the system board brand and model.
    Then it should be easy to find a possible replacement with a few Google searches.
    I don't find that the Gateway T-6330u has a replaceable card... so it would be good to call the Gateway tech support people. They will be very helpful if there is a chance to sell you something.
  6. hellokitty[hk]

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    :haha: indeed. It could be good if you check their prices with whats online though.
  7. raybay

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    Wouldn't it be quite helpful if you recommended some of those online. Gateway isn't perfect, but sometimes can be a better investment with warranty that trying to pick the right one online, then try to install one for the first time.
    Laptop add-on video graphics cards do have a higher failure rate. Right?
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