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Mar 18, 2007
  1. Ok so as the title says, I have a laptop that I just bought (HP dv9210us) that does not have PCMCIA. Now this is usually one of the firstthings I look for in a laptop but I must have overlooked it this time. Anyway here is the deal I would love to get an Orinoco gold card but obviously I need a PCMCIA slot. So is there an external solution that I could plug into my laptop so I could use a PCMCIA wireless LAN card?

    Thank you all in advance for the help.
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  3. crazy8

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    Well you know I think I have heard of people using that item before. I suppose it wouldnt be a bad alternitive considering its USB and has an antenna on it which Im sure I could mod to accept a homebuilt or some other antenna. Any idea off the top of your head if this item would be supported in Kismet, air crack, etc.?

    Thank you for your help. All goes well with what I can find out I may just get that.
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    You wouldn't have to do any modding if you use standard equipment, as the hawking piece has a rp-sma antenna connector(which is what the wireless garden cantenna, as well as many other aftermarket antennas are). If you'd need another connection, like a n connector, you could use an adapter/pigtail to get what you want. I have no idea whether kismet or air crack can use the device, since I don't own one. You may find more info on that by either googling it or searching the faq/help on the sites for the programs for supported products/chipsets.
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    Yea I found out that the antenna already on there can be removed and you can add a high gain or whatever youd like to it. But of course I found out all of that after I posted lol. Any way considering it is USB and has a detachable antenna and will only run me under $50 versus about 80-ish for the Orinoca Gold, I dont see where I could realy go wrong in giving this a shot. Like I said, a while back when I was first getting interested in wardriving im sure I saw some people using these so I may just get one and find out. Heck if it doesnt work I can always return it.

    Thank you for your help I greatly appreciate it.
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    See I have seen most antennas use the n connector. Now some questions I have is this. Are the antennas that use the n connector, usually stronger? Is the n connector use a thicker gauge cable? Im still kinda new to this stuff so I may have a few questions.

    Thank you for your help. I think Im going to get that Hawkings item.
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