Laptop wont load

By mr_mcmillon
May 19, 2008
  1. I have a Toshiba Protege 7020CT that i am working on for my daughter. It had no cd-rom or disk drive so i ordered the docking station that hasnt arrived yet. Now the laptop would load up with windows 2000 just fine. So i took the hard drive out, put it in my laptop and added windows xp and a few programs. it works on my laptop just fine, but when i went to put it back into the Toshiba it doesn't load up. The only thing is does is show a black screen with a blinking line at the top. I put windows 2000 back on the drive and the same thing. Anybody else with this problem that can help me fix it. Thanks
  2. jobeard

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    swapping back and forth is a bad idea -- do this ONLY to extract important data.

    Why? Each computer has unique components, especially the onboard devices.
    These require unique software drivers and getting a system to run from boot to
    the windows login screen still requires many of these to be exactly correct for the

    Place the drive where it belongs and then fight thru the issues to get things straight.

    You are now going to need the OEM CD that came with the laptop and perform a
    Repair or Recovery opperation by booting from the CD.

    Insert the CD, boot the hardware, and hit the key for BIOS setup.
    Make the CD the first device and save settings. This will reboot and run the
    CD setup.
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