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May 18, 2011
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  1. Hey guys having an issue with my friends laptop. It's an HP G62 with Intel I3 running windows 7.

    I have had to replace the screen and ever since it hasn't shutdown or gone into sleep mode properly. It will turn the screen off but the machine will still be running (fans etc) and the only way to turn it off is with the power button.

    I have tried alternating the RAM and it doesn't appear to be a Windows issue. The BIOS looks a bit outdated (F.07...I think the latest update is F.36) but I'm sketchy about about flashing the BIOS because if the laptop wont restart properly I don't want to kill the laptop.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated! :)
  2. Mark56

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    What have you got setup in the Power Options for sleep and hibernation. There is a setting to select what it should do when you close the lid, have you set that?

    Try shutting it down from safe mode and see if that works, that may give some clues to the problem.
  3. CAMusing

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  4. AudioVayne

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    I have checked these settings and to no avail. I will have to double-check the connections because I am sure it is not windows based. Even when you ctrl + alt + del in the BIOS menu it just freezes the machine.
  5. Mark56

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    Have you tried shutting down from safe mode, as I suggested earlier.

    You could also follow this guide which will run the PC with minimal services, and then see if it will shutdown. It could be a system service that is stopping the PC from switching off. If you had not reconnected everything correctly I doubt the PC would run without showing any errors.

    If it shuts down ok with the services disabled a quicker method to isolate the service causing the problem is to re-enable 50% of the services not just one at a time. If the problem returns then disable 50% of those first selected and test again. If the problem does not return then you will know that the problem service is in the other 50%. Continue in this manner and you should quickly track down the cause.

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