LastPass free tier users will have to decide between mobile or computer starting next...

Chad Pattan

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So Firefox does encrypt and that setup is ok ? That is what I am reading anyway...

Firefox Sync is okay if it requires you to authenticate to it with something.

I'm talking about the browser. "Would you like me to store that for you so I can fill it in?"


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So Firefox does encrypt and that setup is ok ? That is what I am reading anyway...
Just be sure to setup Firefox with an account and enable Sync once logged in, if you have existing passwords, bookmarks, extensions, etc. they will all then get synced to your account for use on other PCs once you log in. Just be sure you enable the use of a Primary Password within your browser once setup, this will also need to be setup on any PC you then log in on and sync your account to.


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Read that carefully.

Firefox Password Manager is not the same as Firefox Sync.

Password Manager (in the browser) is NOT encrypted, because it's impossible for the browser to do it without a password or hash. That's what I'm talking about.

Sync is a different product. They're not storing IN the browser.

It's vital that people don't get confused.
Actually can you read it a little more carefully?

" Firefox Desktop encrypts your passwords locally in your user profile directory using a logins.json file.... For the best security, use a Primary Password to encrypt your passwords."

Agreed people need to know that they need to use a Primary password for encryption to take place, however white washing all the browsers as insecure because you do not know or take the time to better understand them is going to also lead to confusion.
For anyone converting from lastpass to bitwarden there are easy steps to import all your information. I don't think I have to say this but just in case, only do this on a computer you trust. IE: Not a public computer.

First setup a bitwarden account.

Go to and login
In the gray bar on the left select "Advanced Options" near the bottom.
In the white menu that springs out from that under "Manage Your Vault" select "Export" and Login again with the prompt that comes up.
You will be displayed a wall of unencrypted login info. It'll be a wall of text. Copy EVERYTHING!

Next come here and login with your newly created account.
In the blue banner up top click on "Tools"
After the new page loads click on "Import Data" on the left under the "Tools" section.
In the drop down box select LastPass (CSV)
In the bottom box paste all of the stuff you copied from Lastpass and click the "Import Data" button.

Note: (Alternatively you can paste all the login info from lastpass into a text document but make sure to change the extension from .txt to .csv and import it into bitwarden in the final step as a file.) Personally I've found that just copy and pasting into the bitwarden field to be faster.

With this all of your login information should have been ported from Lastpass to bitwarden and ready to go.

Personally I recommend one thing. Since bitwarden is free across multiple devices I recommend letting bitwarden generate passwords for your various accounts and saving them in bitwarden. If you ever need to log into a site on your phone bitwarden will still have access to those passwords there.
Thanks for this, and for those who suggested bitwarden. Saved time trawling.


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I'm a happy user of Lastpass Free and won't be the least bit inconvenienced by the new setup. I simply don't use any mobile devices and never will.


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After reading this I removed it from my equipment. It works OK for free, paying for its current level of functioning is foolish.