Latest Humble Bundle supports Android, includes World of Goo


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Improving what was already a wildly successful formula, the Humble Bundle has added Android to its latest pay-what-you-want promotion. Folks willing to dole out up to $5.70 (a penny below…

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I always end up buying these and never playing them :( just no more time for video games! One day i'll have an indie game marathon.

besides, the money goes towards a good cause so I don't feel like it's "wasted" money !


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Nice bundle, all very good games that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys indie titles.


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You should really try them, Braid was included in one before, it's simply awesome. I wasted a lot of my time on Trine, and was totally worth it, and then i'm not even mentioning Frozen Synapse...

And yes, i bought this one too, especially for World of Goo & Anomaly, which i didn't have yet...


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I know i should, i played like 3 levels of trine, and dumped some time into frozen synapse. but i've been so busy with moving/work/life that its like blehhhh where do vidya games fit in?


I'm liking Anomaly... runs butter smooth on my trusty nexus S.


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I bought and have some questions..
can I activate on steam and my droid? and do I stil get new games if the average is higher now?