latitude c400 ram slots

By latitude c400
Oct 2, 2007
  1. I own a latitude c400 and from what I have read online about it should have 2 memory slots but I can only see one slot available and next to it is the modem.

    The laptop also has 128MB internal memory installed so I wonder if there is only one memory slot left available and the online information is actually misleading.

    Any advice on the matter is welcomed.
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  3. henderjr

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    I was just googling around and have the same issue. Found a thread with the answer on another site. Decided to be a nice guy and register to put a post here for others. Anyway the second module is under the keyboard. Took me about 15 mins. Lots of screws to take out. Read this for more info.
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    Thanks for that. look very useful i was thinking about upgrading mine aswell
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