Latitude D420 Service tag ending in 595B

By preshen
Sep 19, 2007
  1. Hi
    Firstly being a newbie and very confused with all this,please forgive if this is posted in the wrong place,
    but as this is such a large thread it is difficult to know exactly where to post.
    I have a Dell Latitude D420 that I got thru Ebay with the Service tag ending in 595B

    I took a look at Paragons Website,
    but my laptop Latitude D420 is not in the list and I'm really not sure about opening it.

    Has anyone been able to reset there password or have info that will help get me past this?

    In any case that someone has the PSW generator for 595B's, heres my info
    Service tag is: #80LNLC1-595B

    Thanks in advance,

    does anyone know which software _rustam was using to get the master psw for service tag ending in 595B ?
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    D420 Password Removal

    Hello everybody, i'm new here but i've got this problem with my Dell LATITUDE D420 that's driving me crazy!, when i turn it on it goes to the famous grey screen and it says all the same thing everybody knows, the number showed is: #5F6VZB1-595B, any help would be reeeeally welcome, by the way, i can't find the EEPROM on this laptop and i looked eeverywhere, i've read everything in here but i haven't found anything about my model.
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