LCD monitor headache!

By aznbennet
Oct 11, 2011
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  1. i have a lcd monitor widescreen i think and its giving me headache and my eyes are burning!!!! i turned the brightness down to 0 but its still burning my eyes and still have alot of light! is the monitor too large for my eyes? its in 60 refresh rate true color 32bit and i still have this issue should i switch to my small monitor? help
  2. Wassja

    Wassja TS Rookie

    Turn the brightness to maximum. The backlight flickers less that way.
  3. Jory Anderson

    Jory Anderson TS Rookie Posts: 20

    Take a 15 minute break from your computer, and come back to it. Turn on the lights in the room if it's dark, or turn the monitor's brightness to maxiumum, as Wassja said.
  4. Wassja

    Wassja TS Rookie

    Besides turning the brightness to maximum it would be also a good idea to drastically reduce the blue in the RGB settings of the monitor. Blue light is especially hard on the eyes and the backlight has too much of it in its spectrum.

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