Leaked Far Cry 3 trailer confirms September 6 release date


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Would be more excited about this title if it wasn't an Ubisoft game. It is either going to be a crappy port to the PC or ridiculous DRM. Of course they will blame poor PC sales on piracy instead of the fact that they have been putting out crap PC games for the past few years.


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Far Cry is like those movies that are not good or neither bad, they just entertain you the time you spend seated, and when you add a bap port to PC like pg said... its just a sad movie.


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"When will these company's learn from their Indie developers and release excellent quality games and allow the consumer to decide what it's worth?"

LMAO. Indie devs only do that because they don't have the same huge investments and super large teams, big devs like Ubisoft has.

Take AMD as another example, they are price/performance... until they have a better card, then they jack up the price (Cayman before Fermi and Tahiti before Kepler). It's business and common sense really.

Ubisoft does still need to pull their head out of their asses. I agree with that.


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I'm definitely no fan of Ubisoft's draconian take on DRM - in fact I've boycotted them going on a couple of years now because of it. But on the other hand, I love the Far Cry series. I'll break my boycott for this game.


FC1, pretty good. FC2, did not finish. DRM sux. Playing Dragon Age: Origins - pretty good except character navigation is not so good, cannot "go around any corners" so like driving a truck. Better games? Oblivion, Morrowind, Witcher, Deus Ex, Gothic2, Gothic3, Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2.

Summation: will watch for FC3, but will not be an early buyer.


hmm... looks like it could be a Farcry that is more like the original, definitely sounds intriguing, however the fact that it is a Ubisoft product makes me nervous since they will almost certainly have some sort of anti-consumer DRM attached to said game...

The question is do I feel like spending $50+ to rent Farcry 3 from Ubisoft until I need to reinstall the game or I buy a new GPU or whatever the restrictions they dream up next are met?

Hey Ubisoft! are you listening? I buy lots of games! I've got a stack of physical discs 3ft high and a steam library that stretches beyond the bottom of my 1920x1200 resolution monitor. I do not pirate software, and I am not buying another of your games until you back off on the DRM! Keep it up I know I'm not the only one buying your stuff because of the insane restrictions on your products... Let me let you in on a little secret, pirates will steal your game weather you put DRM on it or not, I bought Farcry 2 and it was cracked and distributed by pirates who were playing the game before I could get my legit, pre-ordered, installed on launch day copy working because SecuROM kept me from playing it... What's the result? I don't buy H.A.W.X, I don't buy Anno 2070, and very possibly don't buy Farcry 3... you restrict me reasonable access to the product so I restrict you from access to my $180 (assuming they all launched at the now standard $60 for a AAA title)... did I mention I have 2 gaming machines and use the 2nd as a loaner if I want to game with a friend? So some games L4D, L4D 2, SupCom, SupCom:FA, UT 3, Rise of Nations, to name a few I own more than once... Depending on the game you lose more than 1 sale from me. Maybe someday you'll realize the opportunity cost of your DRM It's likely higher than you realize or want to admit.


TomSEA said:
I'm definitely no fan of Ubisoft's draconian take on DRM - in fact I've boycotted them going on a couple of years now because of it. But on the other hand, I love the Far Cry series. I'll break my boycott for this game.
Just don't pre-order it like you did with Crysis 2, it could turn out to be just as much as a catastrophic disappointment. That is, if you were the one who said you did that and were disappointed by it. My memory is getting a little fuzzy.


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Looks good I'll probably play it. FC2 was a huge disappointment for me so hopefully this can redeem the main franchise. Far Cry 2 has almost no story and while the opwn world was a nice approach I had little to no interest playing after about an hour.


I loved the original Far Cry, played it many times.
Bought the sequel as soon as it came out. Loved the open world too. Until I drove through a crossroads that I had only just cleared out a short while before and came under fire from a whole new bunch of baddies. WTF? Where did they come from? That repetitive baddie respawn combined with all the driving that required me to keep going through the crossroads killed off all enjoyment in the game within a few hours.
In summary, I'll wait a while after Far Cry 3 comes out to see how they have messed it up this time.


If I do purchase this game it would be on the condition that the game's fully patched (Official/Fan made) and a suitable Unofficial DRM bypass patch is also available...Otherwise, I'll have to keep far away from this game because I would rather not buy the game at all, rather than take a chance on infecting my system with some rotten Trojan/Root Kit-infested Pirated version of the game!