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Microsoft is one of the true enduring giants of the tech space. With a firm foothold in the office, gaming, cloud computing, and more, there are good reasons why Microsoft is one of the most familiar names in tech. But how well do you really know their products?

Can you work with tools like Microsoft Exchange? Do you know how to configure and administer an enterprise Windows environment? Do you know how to crunch numbers with PowerShell? Can you set up and manage a cloud in Microsoft Azure?

With the Complete 2021 Microsoft 365, Windows, & Azure Bundle you will learn how to do all of that and more. It's on sale for just $59.99 (a huge discount from the full retail price).

This deep dive into some of Microsoft's more advanced topics comprises 17 courses, taking aim at Microsoft's three primary cloud products: Microsoft 365, Windows, and Azure. The courses are taught by iCollege, one of the most trusted online learning marketplaces since 2003. Fortune 500 companies and thousands of individuals rely on iCollege as a resource to learn today's most important tech skills.

Across these courses, you'll get a comprehensive Microsoft cloud computing education. You'll get up to speed with a Windows Server 101, explore Windows Hello for business, and train to pass the Microsoft MD-100 Windows 10 administrator exam.

Additionally, you'll learn how to manage remote desktop services, use Microsoft Exchange, and get on certification track for Microsoft Azure administration, with several courses geared towards helping you ace crucial exams on your first try.

Take a deep dive into the Microsoft cloud and how to administer cloud services like a pro. Right now, you can get The Complete 2021 Microsoft 365, Windows, & Azure Bundle for a limited-time price drop at just $59.99. That's $10 off the usual deal price and a big discount over the full retail. Prices are subject to change.

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