Learn Node.js with 10 hands-on projects

  1. learn node

    Node.js is a nimble and surprisingly lightweight answer for those looking to create vibrant website operations and network apps. Right now, this hands-on Learn Node.js course will get you up to speed on this powerful programming tool for just $19.

    Learners who take advantage of the course's 18+ hours of instruction time will dig deep into the basics of Node.js, building 10 real-life applications that showcase the power and versatility of using Node.js in your own web development projects.

    You'll explore a handful of programming technologies, including Cassandra, MongoDB, Express Framework, HTML/CSS for front end, Nodejs NPM, NoSQL database, column databases, database ORM and Express Framework, as well as asynchronous programming, Karken layer, Drywall user management, Bcrypt encryption, Socket IO & REST APIs.

    You'll be building advanced, streamlined Node.js-infused apps in no time -- and at 90% off its regular price, this course is the perfect way to round out your development toolbox.

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  2. VitalyT

    VitalyT Russ-Puss Posts: 3,664   +1,949

    This is kind of my stuff :) I would also throw in PostgreSQL as the best relational free database today, for which I even wrote a library: https://github.com/vitaly-t/pg-promise

    Once you get into Node JS, you will understand just how overrated everything that comes from Microsoft really is.

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