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Jun 29, 2005
  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew in here about a list of legal download sites that I could get music from. I'm trying to stay away from paying per song, and paying per month. But I was was looking for a site that when I download the music, I can put the files on multiple devices, like a CD and mp3 player, then just leave it on my computer. Does anybody have any ideas?
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    I went on the website, but when I did a search, all I got were ringtones. Where are the real full songs?
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    When I access this site through Netscape browser (8) I get the following message:

    WARNING: Netscape Browser has detected a potential security risk.

    "{ }

    This site has been identified as a possible distributor of "Spyware" by ParetoLogic.

    Please use caution when downloading or installing files from this site."


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    The only way you'd get legal songs without paying is if the artists themselves put their music for download free. There is no other way for it to be legal.
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    I was able to download 9 of beethoven's symphonies free from BBC Radio a couple weeks ago. It was some sort of promotion but I doubt Beethoven put it up himself...
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    Beethoven is dead ? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ?! :dead:
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    considering he's dead and deaf, I think he wasn't aware! :haha:
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    That is a really great site :grinthumb Lots of unknowns there and many of them have some really good stuff. I've discovered a lot of really good bands there.
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    Look what you have done .....!!! All that YELLING. You not only woke him up, but he jumped up in a hurry leaving a manuscript behind in the library. Just hope someone is kind enough to hand in his specs.
    This could be a terrible shock for millions of people who have always thought he was a large shaggy dog. Expect sales of brandy to soar ... :bounce:
    P.S keep in tempo :knock:
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    message deleted...
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    Everyone download music legally here

    this is a great new music download program. You can become a retailer in this massive download industry! Go to this site and watch the commercial! Or download all types of music from the site. AWSOME!
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    iTunes Music Store is the way to go.
  16. LMD

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    please post more links for legal music
  17. LMD

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    I founded one more

    Mp3 Downloads
    Big mp3 archive for legal mp3 downloads of all genres 0.15$ per song

    p.s. I get 2 mp3s free for my registration:) I'll charge my account with sms from mobile phone :p

    I am looking for legal music videos please post some links

    *edit: I doubt that site is legal.*
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