Legal Firm using Time Matters? help?

By karinalvega
Dec 8, 2009
  1. i am new to TM and I am trying to set file locations on a new machine. I checked the file location settings on somebody else's computer and it appears to be defaults, even though they are mapped to our client files.... where can i go in TM to find out exactly where to map the file locations??

    this is probably REALLY easy... and i have just not been able to figure it out. grrr!
  2. Gadgetnc

    Gadgetnc TS Rookie

    File / Utilities/ File Locations or tmw /s. That is the only place.

    The locations are in the tmw.cfg file in your data directory, but it is a proprietary format you will not be able to change. If you are sharing a data directory, you are sharing the file locations.
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