Lenovo holds back U.S. tablet plans until Android Honeycomb

By Jos
Oct 20, 2010
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  1. With Android 3.0 (also known as “Gingerbread”) almost ready for primetime, word is that Google will soon be sending out tablet engineering samples to selected partners loaded with the latest version of its mobile operating system. Brands such as Acer, Asus, MSI and others are expected to launch their own tablet devices at CES in Las Vegas early next year, but it seems not everyone is rushing in to take a piece of the market Apple has carved with its iPad.

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  2. I agree with and respect this strategy. I wish more companies would take it... Granted the competition can sometimes beat you to the punch on a release but often times their quality suffers. But most people still buy anyway, and it's really all about the money so companies rush their product. A shame really, the consumers demand ends up screwing itself in the long run.

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