Lenovo IBM x61t (tablet) crashes with BSoD frequently, has 3 errors repetitively

By pyromaster114
Dec 14, 2007
  1. My father has a Lenovo x61t (tablet) Thinkpad that he recently bought. I've been having a lot of problems getting it to work for him, he reports it having BSoDs frequently, as in about once a day.
    There are a few errors in the Windows Logs > System section under Computer Management that seem to reoccur frequently. They are as follows (in no particular order):

    Level: Error
    Source: TBS
    Error Text:
    An error occurred while communicating with the TPM. The driver returned 0x8007001f.

    Level: Error
    Source: iviVD
    Error Text:
    The driver for device \Device\Scsi\iviVD1 detected a port timeout due to prolonged inactivity. All associated busses were reset in an effort to clear the condition.
    Other notes about this:
    This "iviVD" is the InterVideo Virtual Disk program that came pre-installed on this machine. It always has one of these errors shortly before a crash.

    Level: Error
    Source: Kernel-WHEA
    Error Text:
    Machine Check Event reported is a fatal Bus or Interconnect timeout error.
    Memory Hierarchy Level: 0
    Participation: 0
    Request Type: 0
    Memory/IO: 0
    Address: 0

    I would thing that the "Kernel-WHEA" one is very severe and probably a cause of great instability, however it happens at seemingly random points, not just before or after a crash. I'm thinking of telling him to uninstall the InterVideo Virtual Disk program to see if that helps... on account of that it causes the most frequent error (like once every hour about).

    Any ideas about the TBS thing and the Kernel-WHEA thing? I'd greatly appreciate help on this, as I've been at this for about 2 weeks now and have had no success...
    I've tried updating drivers, but I might have gotten the wrong ones on account of that IBM's site does not contain updated drivers, only ones that are like 8 versions old... so if you've got driver update suggestions, please do say so.

    Also, on a side note, people said the Turbo Memory feature might have something to do with it. Does anyone know how to get to the Turbo Memory control Console so that I can disable it? (I heard you were supposed to be able to disable turbo memory features, and have heard reports that it helped the x61t stop crashing.
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