Lenovo is now shipping the IdeaPad Y460

By Matthew ยท 29 replies
Mar 4, 2010
  1. levar

    levar TS Rookie Posts: 229

    Awesome notebooks love the design both the 6U & 7U very powerful systems! I know there were a lot of systems introduced @ CES just didn't know about Lenovo's. Good to see some stuff from them.
  2. techsp10

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    yes I do agree by the appearance itself that it is a powerful laptop and good looking laptop...
  3. I hear that you can't really see the pattern on the cover (it looks like a matte finish), unless light is reflecting off it and into your eyes; like a glare.

    I just ordered one, but it's gonna take about 2+ weeks to ship it to me (estimated time); which is a complete bummer, but I can wait.

    I was able to grab it for $891 + tax comes to $954. (NOTE: definitely search around for coupons on the web)

    I have a 15.6" laptop currently (4+ years old) and its a hassle carrying it around, and would like to go back to my 14" days. This laptop is packed, and is great for 14"; it is true that you can go 15.6" and get the Core i7 and the ATI 5730 around the same price, but I prefer mobility. It starts to weigh in on you when you start carrying it everywhere around campus and when the desks are tiny.

  4. Be carefulll

    Laptop looks really nice and speakers are awesome.

    There are some caviats and I'm lookg for confirmation from Lenovo. Laptop overheats a lot.
    It is so hot sometimes you can't keep it on your laps. Windows is still windows so I assume my problems of keyboard not reacting or mouse after going out of sleep or hibernate is due to Windows. Reinstalled it, which is really handy with the one button click on y460 and it works good for a week now...but will see. I opened a case with Lenovo thinking about returning it because of the temperature.
  5. that's one ugly laptop!
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