Lenovo sells 60 millionth ThinkPad, considers enterprise slate


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Lenovo, known for its personal computers for business and enterprise customers, has announced sales of its ThinkPad laptops will surpass 60 million this month, after 18 years on the market. Some 14 ThinkPad laptops are sold every 60 seconds. With more than 2,000 design awards under its belt, ThinkPad has recorded many ground-breaking innovation firsts, including:

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I love the thinkpads. I still have an old T42 running that I handed down to my best friend a year ago. Nothing kills those machines. I don't know about the new ones, but the ones that were still branded IBM were some of the best-quality pieces of laptop equipment I have ever seen in my entire career.


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Agreed, Here at work we have absolutely Ancient ThinkPads and after upgrading the RAM they still run Windows 7 :) everything still works fine! They really are very well made indeed.


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My current laptop is an IBM branded Thinkpad T43p (right before the dual core rush and the line being sold to Lenovo). I've destroyed the thing physically multiple times, but it keeps on coming back refusing to die. :)