Lenovo to show off new ThinkBook laptop with a transparent display


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Something to look forward to: Lenovo's rumored transparent laptop could fundamentally rethink laptop design. But the unconventional concept risks being viewed as a gimmick unless the company clearly proves the utility this brings over traditional models.

Rumors are swirling that Lenovo could unveil the world's first transparent laptop at Mobile World Congress later this month. Leaked images sourced by WindowsReport suggest the laptop could sport a see-through display and keyboard, potentially bringing transparent tech to PCs for the first time.

The images depict what appears to be a (somewhat) normal laptop at first glance. However, upon closer inspection, the display seems completely transparent when powered off. The laptop would appear to follow Lenovo's signature design aesthetic, however in place of physical keys in the bottom half, you get a touchscreen with virtual keys.

The non-transparent sections include the bottom chassis and a strip under the display housing the Lenovo logo. The leaks provide no indication of specs, so full details remain uncertain pending Lenovo's official announcement.

The laptop's form factor resembles modern dual-screen devices more than a classic clamshell. This innovative transparent concept aligns with larger trends seen at this year's CES, where brands like Samsung and LG unveiled transparent TVs and displays.

Of course, if the laptop seems too futuristic to be true, that's probably because it is. The model is most likely a concept device meant to showcase Lenovo's technical capabilities at MWC 2024 rather than a production prototype.

Transparent display tech remains prohibitively expensive to manufacture at scale. So while the idea is undeniably cool, the hypothetical transparent laptop would surely demand a premium price point.

Nonetheless, companies exploring unique form factors often push the industry forward. Laptop design conventions have changed little in decades, so innovations like 2-in-1 convertibles have been welcome. Hopefully, Lenovo can wow audiences with a groundbreaking laptop concept later this month.

Granted, the larger and longer-term question is whether the tech can transition from concept to commercial product. Lenovo must compellingly prove its real-world merits over traditional models for the product to succeed. There's no guarantee of the laptop ever reaching consumers even if revealed at MWC either. And the final design could differ significantly from current images if they depict an early prototype.

However, with the event nearing, we may not have to wait much longer for some of these questions to be answered.

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Great! Now laptops are going to the slim, colorful, sexy, stylish idea like smartphones.
I guess some will go for this, but my laptop is a WORK HORSE, not a fashion accessory.
Great! Now laptops are going to the slim, colorful, sexy, stylish idea like smartphones.
I guess some will go for this, but my laptop is a WORK HORSE, not a fashion accessory.
Glare on gloss screens is bad enough without all the bleed-through from behind the screen. It's an interesting novelty that might find a market with niche use scenarios. Hard pass for me.
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My thoughts exactly! WHY?
When my laptop is off, it's closed, so what's the point of it being transparent? As for a touch screen keyboard that has no tactile keys... Good grief NO!
The transparent screen: Cool, but what for?
A massive tablet keyboard in place of my keys?

As a PC gamer since ~1982, it's not for me. Perhaps it's "the future". Yuck.

I could see variable transparency being useful in meetings, or in situations where you need to also have an eye on things going on behind the display panel. But I could only see it being adopted if you could still have 0% transparency, or 100% opacity when you need it. I can imagine using one of these and having it 100% opaque 95% of the time, and then 5% of the time having some variable to see what is going on behind the display panel.

If there is not option for 100% opaque, then forget it, I don't want it.

As for replacing a physical keyboard.... NOO!!!!! I can barely deal with touch keyboards on phones and tablets, I still wish I had a physical keyboard on these devices, fairly often even to this day. Touch typing is sometimes incredibly frustrating.