LG Display workers charged with stealing Samsung OLED secrets


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According to a report by The Associated Press, LG's display arm has admitted to six of its employees being involved in the possible misappropriation of OLED technology secrets from Samsung. Samsung has accused the display maker of having "systematically stole its……

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I'm now vouching for OLED only because now they've arrived at Plasma territory(low latency & response time). I only need to witness the picture quality for myself(compared to plasma)to see if it beats plasma, and then I'll bite.

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I was curious how LG managed to hang with Samsung all these years. Shame on you LG, bad practice is bad practice. You've essentially pulled a 'disney' on Pixar, so to speak. Beating Bugs life to market with Antz, after blatantly stealing the idea. Not exactly the same, but comparable.


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This is hilarious.
LG and Samsung are the only 2 HDTV brands I will buy from.

This type of tech recon happens all the time, rarely are they caught.

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