LG G2 IPS display weird problem - video for explanation

The video is 1 min and 14 sec, yet only the couple first seconds is enough to understand the problem. what could be the problem for?

as you can see, half of the screen display colors correctly, the other half, the colors and texts and smudged, they are there but smudged and not applicable to read or view
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No I don't have a warrantee, I bought it from a previous ATT customer. unlocked by ATT and I am using it on tmboile. I was using it for two months, until this incident


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The whole display will have to be replaced. This is not an easy thing to do, but it can be done. A new phone may be in your near future...
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I guess I will replace the display then, and report back if the issue persisted or not. replacing the phone display is not hard for me, have done it before on nexus 5, iPhone and xperia Z.
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Done with success... I Tested the display, and ran some diagnostics at my school labs with the help of a friend. we found that the issue was because of the backlighting of the display, and also the matrix liquid inside the screen have partially ruptured.
Definitely was the screen, phew! I was scared it would have been something else after purchasing a new display.