LG V30 camera to feature f/1.6 aperture, the largest ever in a smartphone

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Let’s face it, smartphones have become boring. All of the high-end handsets are essentially similar-looking slabs of metal and glass with big, vibrant screens that are almost exclusively powered by the latest Qualcomm processor and supporting hardware.

True innovation has long since been replaced by gimmicks that rarely stick. LG has been down that road with its LG G5 / modular accessory platform and doesn’t appear interested in making the same mistake with its next flagship.

Instead, the company with its upcoming V30 smartphone is focusing (no pun intended) on practical albeit incremental upgrades to components that people use on a regular basis… like the camera.

On Thursday, LG announced that it will incorporate an f/1.6 aperture camera lens as part of the dual-camera setup in its upcoming handset. According to the electronics maker, they’ll be the first in the world to ship a smartphone with an aperture of that caliber (and also have the clearest lens ever in a smartphone).

As you may know, aperture refers to the size of the hole that lets light into the camera. The bigger the aperture (lower f-stop number), the more light reaches the sensor which can improve low-light photography – an area that smartphones typically struggle with. Aperture also plays a key role in depth of field but that’s a discussion for another time.

If you’re interested in learning more about smartphone photography, I’d encourage you to check out Tim’s article on the matter.

LG will officially unveil the V30 at a press event later this month.

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Camera is very important criteria for me hence why I picked the G4 for its superb camera and manual controls. I have been looking at the G6 / V20 but it's not exactly a leap of improvement from G4 in terms of camera. lets hope this one does.

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Yeah too bad it uses one of the smallest sensors in a smartphone, 1/3", so don't expect anything other than crap above about ISO 200 and the effective aperture is still f/12 compared to full frame camera sensor. Google Pixel use 1/2.3" sensor and would get shallower depth of field with f/2 lens.


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"Let’s face it, smartphones have become boring".
I for one, couldn't agree more with that statement and by beefing up the camera ever so slightly isn't going to make a world of difference. All next generation high end devices will feature that "feature" and the year after, so will the mid rangers. Anybody who spends so much money on a phone just because of a camera has their priorities all wrong.