LG's 'Rolly' offers the benefits of a flexible keyboard without sacrificing usability

By Shawn Knight ยท 5 replies
Aug 28, 2015
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  1. LG has unveiled a mobile accessory it describes as the industry’s first solid rollable wireless portable keyboard. The Rolly Keyboard folds along each of its four rows, creating what LG calls an easy-to-carry stick that won’t take up much space in a backpack, purse, briefcase or even a pocket.

    Flexible or bendable keyboards are far from an original concept. Such boards may look neat, offer silent operation and are often waterproof but in real-world use, they’re a pain to type on since the tactile feedback you get with a standard keyboard doesn’t exist.

    Fortunately, the Rolly doesn’t fall into the same category as your run-of-the-mill bendable keyboard.

    Instead of silicone or some other flexible material, the Rolly is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and ABS plastic. Its 17mm key pitch is close to that of a traditional keyboard and the only part that’s “flexible” is the horizontal spines between each row of keys.

    Simply unrolling the board will trigger its auto-pairing feature and since it connects via Bluetooth 3.0, it can be paired with up to two different devices at any given time. A single key press is all that’s needed to switch between devices, LG says.

    The Rolly is powered by a single AAA battery which should provide up to three months of use on average.

    LG said it will showcase the Rolly Keyboard at the annual IFA trade show which gets under way on September 4 in Berlin. The company said it will reveal pricing closer to its launch next month in the US. Those in Asia, Latin America and Europe will see the Rolly arrive by the end of the year.

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  2. Manuel Diego

    Manuel Diego TS Member Posts: 23   +18

    " Its 17mm key pitch is close to that of a traditional keyboard "

    Could it rather be 1.7 mm? 17 mm sounds like a lot...
  3. seefizzle

    seefizzle TS Evangelist Posts: 336   +199

    Definitely neat.
  4. Robby-san

    Robby-san TS Rookie

    I think you are thinking of the distance between keys. The pitch is the distance between like points on the keys. So if you measured from the dead center of one key to the dead center of the adjacent key, it would be 17mm.
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  5. andyo

    andyo TS Member

    I love this product already just for its reference to New Zealand in the video.
  6. Manuel Diego

    Manuel Diego TS Member Posts: 23   +18

    I was rather thinking about the downward distance the keys travel when pressed, but I see what you mean, thanks for clarifying it!

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