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Count me in... You've been "liked" and I could certainly use a netbook.

Just out of curiousity though... How do you know we really liked you, and aren't just saying so to get into the contest? I mean, there's no actual correlation between here and the Facebook thing.
i suppose they will ask us to tell them what our facebook account is so they can make sure we liked them


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Could really use this, my brand new desktop got fried because of the power supply and I don't have any other source of browsing the internet other than using my Nintendo DSi. >.>

*Hopes to win giveaway*

Julio Franco

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Count me in please! But out of interest how are you going to link the TS account to people's FB account?
Fair point, but we will find a way don't worry :)

Thank you everyone who has 'liked' us so far, hope we can ramp it up further in the coming weeks.


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a more than worthy thread for my first post! thanks techspot! your reviews kick butt. keep up the great work.

EDIT: *gasp!* second post...? ah well, close enough...