Lindows to Release Rival to XP Media Center

By Phantasm66
Jan 28, 2003
  1. Are these guys on the wind-up, or what? Not content with annoying the hell out of Microsoft by mimicking the name "Windows" with "Lindows", their brand name for their Linux based "looks awfully like Windows XP" OS, they have now decided that "Idot, a small PC maker specializing in direct online sales, will sell a Lindows Media Computer model that incorporates some home entertainment functions such as DVD and digital music playback. The company plans to begin selling the PCs early next month, with prices starting at $330 without a monitor. "

    To be honest, no bad thing. Its nice to be offered a low cost alternative to the Microsoft solution in this area. Competition is good for the consumer, after all. And the consumer is US! Of course, the real battle for the "computer in the living room" is still to begin in full, what with new offerings from TiVO and so forth, in addition to Microsoft's Media Center PCs and now this new Lindows solution. Who will win? Man, it reminds me of the VHS vs Betamax stuff.....

    More here.
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