LinkedIn grants members the ability to block others

Shawn Knight

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LinkedIn on Friday announced a new feature that members have been requesting for quite some time: the ability to block other members. It's a feature that will no doubt be incredibly useful, especially on a social network where many can...

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The newest version of windows live essentials 16.4.3522.110 allows linking to facebook or linkedin via the "revived" windows live messenger (which was previously ditched in favor of Skype).


What’s more, you will no longer be able to communication with said person (not that you’d want to anyway) and all recommendations and endorsements will be removed.
that should be changed to communicate.

I don't use linkedin but thanks to the article author for this tip:
Pro tip – if you want to avoid an awkward moment, enable anonymous profile viewing before doing so. That way, you can visit and block the person’s profile without them knowing about it.


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I use it and everyone wants to connect with me. I am at Expert level. I feel it's okay but way to many request for business level expert. Blocking them out will be a plus! Thanks for the letting us know.