Linking two PCI cards

By wanjero
Mar 15, 2009
  1. Hi everyone.

    My PC has been using built-in audio card since I bought it. It gave me some problems with sound just coming out of one speaker. After exhaustive trial and error I decided to buy a 5.1 Isonic audio card. I went into the BIOS to deactivate the onboard card before installation. The sound card is working fine, except for the fact that it only outputs sound from all the music programmes (Realplayer, Windows Media Player, etc). As for the TV card, it is the different story. Everytime I want to listen to radio or TV I have to practically unplug the speaker cable from sound card into the green jack of the TV card. I also cannot control volume from the TV software like I used to do when I was using onboard sound card! I have a small cable that I was using to connect the onboard sound card to the TV card, but this time it does not seem to do the trick. Whether I plug it into the green jack of the TV card and into the blue of the sound card (because the green of the sound card has my speakers) it does not work. Even the vice versa of what I have just mentioned does not work. I need your help here guys. Because it is really inconvinient to have to plug and unplug the speaker cable everytime I need to listen to something different.

    Thanks in advance!
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