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By barefooter
Nov 14, 2010
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  1. ok here goes first post on any forum ever ! i have to try to get two routers linked at my cabin. the lodge has wireless but it doesnt quite get to my cabin ,i need to use my netgear router/ or buy one that i can link to the linksys router in lodge for two reasons . 1 is to get the net in the cabin but more important to be able to hook up an AT&T microcell for cell phone service ,,the micro cell ican do already it works great , if you have a router to hook up to .. any ideas ? or questions
  2. jobeard

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    I assume you want a wireless connection between the two routers and then to allow
    systems to wifi connect to either (or both with multiple systems).

    The normal practice is to use an Access Point(A/P) for the second router, as it has the feature
    you need (using a Bridge Connection) and which is missing in most routers
    (typically restricted to Infrastructure Mode; if you find a router which has that feature, then you can use it as well)

    The setup looks like
    ISP==YourConnection--->PrimaryRouter - - - Access Point
    The Primary and the A/P can use the same SSID and passphrase, but separating the channels (1 vs 11) will reduce the interference.

    Now you're down to getting ISP==YourConnection--> to work.
    Besides the Cell phone data plan charges (which can be exorbitant), the issue becomes

    Try using the Cell phone for a single system connection to determine the requirements for dialing the connection - -
    if it's easy enough, you may be able to use YourConnection--->PrimaryRouter
    otherwise, you may need to put one system in the link like

    which requires Internet Connection Sharing on system#1 (and that system must be active for all systems on the Primary or A/P to get any service).

    SO. Where does that leave you?

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