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Linksys wrt54g wireless problem

By clemsonnum1 ยท 5 replies
May 25, 2006
  1. i have a linksys wrt54g wireless router being used with a cable modem. the internet works on the computer the wireless router is wired to. on my laptop it does not. ever since i bought the router the wireless internet works about 6 to 8 hours then stops. after that i have to unplug it and plug it back in and it starts working again. this is the same situation with my friend. this morning it lost signal and i have not been able to get it back. i have spent an hour on the phone with a tech guy who was not helpful at all. any suggestions...thanks
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,452   +6

    Update the router firmware to the latest version.

    If there's absolutely no signal.. Perhaps you disabled the wireless functionality on the router? Or changed the wireless to g-only for example? Our WRT54G here occasionally forgets all its settings and we have to reconfigure it from scratch (now I know why they put in the configuration backup feature).

    Do a factory reset of the router and start over with the configuration to be sure.
  3. clemsonnum1

    clemsonnum1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ive already tried the factory reset as well as trying to reconfigure the router. its like it just wont emit a signal anymore and the linksys guy would not believe me and would not really help me at all. he basically said it was my problem.
  4. MindHack

    MindHack TS Rookie

    replace it with another brand

    I have same problem but mine doesnt work at all. it stop working this morning... customer service doesn't know what they are talking about and i don't think they had network training coz' when i told them that the LED that is supposed to be on when you plug cable to the nic was off. they still want me open the setup page on the router and ping it and use ipconfig which says "media not conneted" and they even let me try the tftp utility to upgrade the firmware. what part of not connected don't they undersand? and it's not the cable since i check it by connecting 2 computers. it work out fine..
    to have the device replaced you need have your reciept or else they don't replace it and you have to pay for shipping the defective product. they are actually going to make you pay extra for another one that might have the same problems.
    i have 2 of this devices, one here in the states and one in the philippines. the problem with the one in the philippines is the wifi signal disappears after a couple of hours. then you have to reboot the device.
    I would suggest not to buy any product from linksys since there customer service is really bad and also not to buy the wrt54g... it's got lots of problems.
    if you have the opion of having it replaced, do it..
  5. arkbg

    arkbg TS Rookie

    WRT54G wireless solutions

    alot of ppl on forums have been having trouble with their WTR54G, several solutions have been found to different instances. MAC cloning, driver re-installing, software disabling, etc.

    our wireless randomly stopped working a couple days ago, after lots of research and a 20 minute conversation with a linksys tech support member whose accent was non-understandable, i was forwarded to an awesome guy that solved my problem in 15 mins. turns out that the software that comes with the linksys routers can be problematic. solution: let windows run the hardware.


    start button > run > services.msc > ok >
    wireless zero configuration > R click > properties >
    check for "service status: stoppped" >
    click "start" below it > ok >
    start button > control panel > network connections >
    R click "wireless network conection"(WNC) >
    properties > wireless networks >
    check "use windows to configure..." box > ok >
    start button > control panel > network connections >
    R click "WNC" > "view available wireless networks" >
    click your network name (or the default "linksys") > connect >
    enter network key password if needed >
    check google.com to confirm > done

    hope this helps someone
  6. tw0rld

    tw0rld TS Maniac Posts: 549   +6

    I hate linksys customer service. They'll just have you going around in circles. Try their website. There are usually good information on there.
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