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Feb 20, 2003
  1. which one, in your opinion, is the best? I`d like to go back to using Linux, but I`m not sure which distro to go with. :/ I mostly used Mandrake, but there`s probably something better that I haven`t tried.. or at least haven`t tried lately. :D I`m just getting sick of XP it gets fussy sometimes.. :(

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    thanks.. I didn`t even notice those. :)

    I just looked through them.. red hat doesn`t really work on my computer. and lindows is crap.. I tried both of em.. never paid though.. I didn`t say that. :D

    XP has been decent for me.. I`m on pro. I`ve never had it crash or anything.. which is shocking.

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    Redhat was my fav.

    I didn't like version 8.0 much, though. So probably my favourate linux is redhat 7.3.

    You can upgrade it to use ximian gnome ( ) and also download and install the latest kernel from and apply other patches and updates which make it better than version 8.0 in my opinion.

    I was also very impressed by Mandrake 9.0

    I tried Slackware again recently. And also Debian. If you really wanna get into the guts of linux then these are a good idea, however if you want to get things up and running and take the headache out of getting going with linux, I would stick to friendlier distros like redhat or mandrake.

    I expect Redhat 8.1 (which is in beta right now, I think) to be better than 8.0. Generally, the .0 releases of redhat have been crappy.
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    I tried redhat that wouldn`t install.. same with debian but that froze on the install. mandrake works nice on my computer though. :D

    all the ones that are suppose to be the best don`t work on my computer.. suse didn`t work either.. and I think there was one other one too. only lycoris will work on my other computer.. my computers are just too picky. :p
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