Little-known GameCube keyboard controller gets a modern restoration

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Background: The ASCII Corporation in the early 2000s released a quirky accessory that featured a keyboard wedged between what would otherwise be a pretty ordinary gamepad for the Nintendo GameCube. The controller, which was only available in Japan, was designed to make it easier for gamers to communicate in Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II.

It’s also been the focal point of at least a couple of compelling mods over the years, and the latest certainly doesn’t disappoint.

YouTube user peachwire recently brought one of the retro controllers up to speed with modern components. The renovation involved gutting the original membrane and replacing it with a Preonic PCB. Some of the controller’s internal supports had to be cut out in order to make room for the PCB and new aluminum tray.

Lubed Glorious Panda mechanical switches were also utilized, as were Durock v1 stabilizers with dielectric grease. DSA Vilebloom keycaps complete the restoration.

In the video’s description, the modder notes that the left-side USB port had to be flipped to the reverse side of the controller PCB because it interfered with the controller’s cable. Otherwise, it looks to be a pretty straightforward that could be replicated without too much effort.

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