Location of Bios chip C610

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Nov 6, 2007
  1. I have checked the FAQS with no luck and I have read a lot of the threads and I don't see what I need.

    I'm giving up on ever getting a master password, so if anyone knows where this bios chip is located on Dell C610 I would be greatful.

    But just in case here is the service tag again ( #CDHXS11-595B )
  2. Tmagic650

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    Are you good at taking laptops apart?
  3. Nidox

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    This is the site I've been using for the location on my laptop.


    It gives the software and hardware ways of removing passwords, quite good actually. :)
  4. Tmagic650

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  5. Rottenweiler

    Rottenweiler TS Rookie

    Does anyone maintain a storehouse or archive of information on these chips locations?
    IE a bunch of pictures/exeriences/locations for jumpering these chips?

    If not, maybe we should start one?
    We all have these issues? A central location of info might streamline things.

    (Yes i have read the BIOS request/chipping threads)...I at least haven't come across a picture warehouse...maybe I am searching improperly?

    I have tons of experience taking apart most of these. (The older models for certain)
    I have actually managed to undo about 4 of these BIOS locks on older machines.
    (It is REALLY fun once you get it)

    In regards to the original question, TMagic is right...on a C610, you better be DARNED good at laptop disassembly/re-assembly, because the C600/610/640 series is one of the worst.., maddening actually. It CAN be done, it works, it is just painful.

  6. lamo

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    the password is stored in the eeprom on MB, not in the BIOS chip. you'll need the hardware programmer to read the eeprom. the password is written, using keyboard scancodes, i.e., when you get the binary dump, use the IBM Pass tool, which you can google easy :)
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