Logitech keyboard & mouse combo (wireless)


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I have a K520 Logitech keyboard & paired mouse. The USB unifying device, slowly went bad and the computer system warned about a USB device that was over current, and to disconnect it, and the computer warned that it would shut off in 10 seconds.

A good keyboard & mouse, and now it is worthless unless I can pair up a USB unifying device with it.
The unifying device completely shorted out and now does not install in the USB connector.

The cost of a single channel unifying device is about $ 8 dollars on ebay. The is Logitech UNIFYING SOFTWARE that can be downloaded, to try to pair up with the keyboard & mouse or use the $26.00
6 channel USB unifying device. This would only be seen with a software driver.

Is this the only fix that can be done? I hate to throw out good quality keyboards and mice, if they cannot have a USB unifying device paired. :joy:

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Didn't I see much cheaper at NewEgg and Amazon? Of course you may need to check model numbers, but you should be back on stream for less than $10.