Logitech MouseWare bug (?)

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Jun 23, 2003
  1. I am experiencing some problems with Logitech MouseWare since version 9.00 on all Windows systems. I am currently using the newest version which is 9.76. The problem is that the "Close Application" function bound to (for example) the wheel-button does not work correctly. If I click the wheel-button on a window or application, it will not always close this window / application, even if the mouse cursor is directly over it and the window is focused. In about 50% of all cases some other program / window will close instead, often even programs such as ICQ which normally just reside in the tray bar. In addition to that, the "Close Application" function in the latest MouseWare 9.76 doesn't want to close windows like Windows Explorer, My Computer, Control Panel, and similar. I have written to Logitech many times and they either said that they were going to forward this bug report to the appropriate department; that they never heard for such a bug (not true, I wrote to them about it 9 times before); or they just said they can't reproduce this bug and therefore it does not exist. Since the problem is apparent "only" in about 50% of all cases you can't notice it immediately, but you surely can notice it within 10 minutes. It seems that Logitech does not want to be bothered with this (or perhaps any) user bug report as they obviously never really tried that on their systems. The bug is present on all MouseWare versions since 9.00 for all Windows OSes. I myself use WinXP Pro but I have tried it also on Win98/ME/2000. If anyone noticed the same problem or knows how to fix it, please reply. Thank you.
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    Try downloading and using Microsoft's Intellipoint mouse drivers. Logitech has a poor reputation with mouse drivers.

    Also, try not to post in one long paragraph as it is very tedious to read.
  3. Perplexer

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    Are you saying MS drivers will work with my Logitech cordless MouseMan optical and not mess up my system ?
  4. bad..dog

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    Hi all,I'm new to the forum.

    I use logitech mouse 9.7 on winxp pro but have never had this problem Is it a common problem?

    regards Jeff
  5. Axismann

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    I have problems with the mouseware driver too. I'm using version 9.78.034 with a 4 button logitech marble mouse. The email to logitech received replies that were obviously bogus attempts at customer satisfaction.

    I use AOL. If I try to shell out to Internet Explorer on my W98 desktop, the trackball doesn't work unless I first either left click or right click even though the new window appears to have focus.

    Only after I left click or right click does the universal scroll or auto scroll functions work.

    I also noticed that the trackball doesn't always scroll in the AOL window.

    These problems don't occur with the Window Native Drivers but then I don't have the features provided by MouseWare (programmable buttons) when using the native drivers.

    Logitech ignored repeated requests to confirm that the Device manager is suppose to display Logitech-compatible mouse (PS/2) when the correct driver is installed for the Marble Mouse on a PS/2 port.

    The logitech support seems to consist primarily of responding with emails that instruct the person with a problem to follow some procedure figured out by logitech for some other problem.

    It's pretty sad. I'm going to take my marble mouse back.
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