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Logitech MX3200

By mke
May 9, 2008
  1. Hi there,

    i got a serious problem... i bought a refurbished keyboard & mouse combo from a ebay store with over 10000 sales so i was quite happy on time of purchase.
    I received the item today and after about 5-6 hours of non stop searching for what is wrong with it, i decided to share and request some help from this lovely forum ;)

    basically i think i know what is wrong, but still i wanted a second opinion, or maybe third and 4th and while am being greedy, why not ask for a 5th and 10th option ;p

    anywho. new batteries installed, all lights on keyboard and mouse seem to work fine. the problem i think is with the receiver. i have plugged it on 5 different computers. yes 5!!!.
    i know i have too much pcs... thats not the point... the point is that the receiver doesn't have any lights or atleast i think they dont work or something, as on all pcs i tested the usb mini receiver thingie it doesnt seem to work or get recognised as with all otheir devices that you plug and see that window popup saying new hardware found... installing new hardware ....

    has anyone seen any such keyboard mouse MX3200???
    the mini receiver has no lights at all, and the documentation is a bismal to say the least.
    i have tried all possible startup and connect methods. I noticed that some people on the web say something about a unique 16 digit code, but logitech site doesnt bring up any entries on that.
    I would pressume that the mouse and keyboard should work straight away when i plug the receiver in and press connect button as on the manual or any other way thinkable.
    i have already messaged logitech and the seller and since its friday i wont receive any reply till tuesday ..... i think

    anyone care to help or advise, besides the most obvious that is requesting a replacement or refund (which i can) but as am eager to get it fixed asap and not hustle with post office and returns to wait another 2 weeks.

    thanks dudes.

    in thanks to your help i will post soon some nice set of pics for my current setup which is pretty to look at ;p

    thanks again techbuddies
  2. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,312   +100

    If there aren't any lights on the receiver odds are it's a dud. I've got the Logitech MX3000 combo, it has been plug and play compatible with every PC I've attached it to (roughly 8-10) apart from some of the media keys etc.

    Everything lights up immediately if I plug the receiver in on a new machine, then it usually takes a few seconds for it to be recognized and such.

    The best route for you has already been taken by contacting the seller and Logitech. I'm sure if the seller values their feedback ratings (can't see why they wouldn't) they will replace the item or at least refund your money. Give it until Tuesday or Wednesday and then make your next move from there if a response hasn't been received.
  3. mke

    mke TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 90

    it looks like i will be shipping it back when i get a response from the seller since it doesnt work.
    the thing i wasnt sure is that this keyboard mouse combo, has a very small mini receiver. half the size of a mini usb mp3 player in stick form. thats why i dont know if that thingie has a light lamp or not, since all my other logitech receivers in the past where a bit larger and with lights that you could recoginse if they were on or not.

    dunno, either away i have a dead mousecombo here that drives me nuts .
    i cant enjoy my new 24" either since my old mouse is sticky responsive....

    anywho thanks for your reply. will be waiting for the reply from store now.. or hope for the usb fairy to bring me a new one ..
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