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Apr 6, 2007
  1. hey all

    recently i started my PC up (Windows XP Pro, 512mb RAM, Radeon 9200) and it wouldnt work. once it reaches the logon screen, the screen turns off and says "No Signal". it has done this before but when i restarted it, it worked, this time it doesnt work at all no matter what i do. Safe mode does the same and after turning it off and unplugging it for an hour it still did it.

    please help as soon as possible
  2. poertner_1274

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    Did you have it setup for multiple monitors, or TV hookup? I am just trying to think why. I know I had issues when I was working on my TV.

    A bit more detail of recent programs installed, or something changed, etc. would definately help.

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  3. JmZ

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    it worked now
    i have no idea why it wasn't working. im building a new PC soon anyway so i doubt it will matter after that (hopefully it lasts until then)

    ok now its doing it again, but this time it loads up, logs on fine and after about 30 mins it flicks off (the computer is still running but nothing is loading (the LED doesnt flash/light up))
  4. poertner_1274

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    Is it the connection behind the computer? Do you have a cat or something that could be pulling your wires out?
  5. JmZ

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    all connections are fine,the side panel is already off due to CPU overheating and so i put a fan aimed at the graphics card and it stopped now i think
    maybe the graphics card was overheating?
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