Lokitorrent.com no more?

By Spike
Feb 12, 2005
  1. Lokitorrent.com is down, according to my latest visit. It seemed to be happily up and running untill fairly recently, but browsing there just a moment ago produces the following page...


    Is this the end of Lokitorrent, or just another part of the continuing story, or just that they've moved to a different domain name and I haven't realised it yet. Answers on a postcard to....

    Seriously though, I wasn't expecting to see this when I browsed there. Is it what it looks like?

    EDIT: It does appear that Lokitorrent.com has lost the battle, as reported here, amongst other places.

    Many comments from sites around the internet running the story thouh, seem to host comments from various people claiming it to be either sad, a conspiracy or a hoax.

    If indeed it is true, as it would seem to be at first glance, Lokitorrent's owner has been ordered to pay a substantial sum to the MPAA, while the MPAA has been granted access to the server logs by the courts in an attempt to trace illegal movie downloaders.
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