Longhorn questions

By Hunger_force
Jun 25, 2005
  1. I am not up on all the new os stuff and was wondering about the new longhorn os. First, what is so good/bad about it. Second when is it going to be released.
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    I read about longhorn in the June edition of PC advisor, that a british magazine there might be a US version but anyway. Second queston first: December 2006 though you shouldn't trust it'll be ready then.

    The graphics part of it is codenamed Avalon and it seems that its looks pretty spectacular and so will be quite graphics intensive for an OS. You will be able to, when wanted/needed, see though windows to parts of a window behind.

    There will be a new file type XML (extendable markup language) which I believe is aimed to be compatible with all graphics programs/files to make everything work on windows.

    Also there will be a lot of contollers and increased compatibility with mobile phones (cell phones in America) and stuff like that. Plug and play will work with more components such as printers.

    There should be better sucurity and it will tells you if someone has tampered with it whilst not being used. i think that means it tells you if someone hacked your PC.

    its early days and all they're saying is the features and how cool it looks. microsoft weren't exactly about to say it's gonna be full of glitches at first and hideously unstable. I don't get excited by OSs anyway so all i've done is read this article you might be able to find out more online and i'm sure there's plenty of talking it up by MS and plenty more specualtion about the problems and failings it will have.

    Hope that helps.
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    thanks for all the info
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