Looking between 1660TI Or 2060


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At the end hopefully, I get results. I'm picking between the top of range Asus 1660TI or RTX 2060?

I hear that 2060 can be another $70 more than the 1660TI but comes down to what my PC hardware can take without bottlenecking.

P9X79 Deluxe
i7 3930K running at 3.8hz
16gb 1866 DDR3
1200w power block
Monitor 27 inch 2560 x 1440 (PG279Q)

I'm thinking that another $40 to $70 for 2060 be worth to get then 1660TI however cost and performance matters. I like to able to play most games on high and stream. Without any errors or conflicting with other hardware.

I think going any higher then 2060 is pointless! right?

It will be replacing my OLD GTX 680 :dizzy:


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You can see in our review that the 1660 Ti is, averaged over 12 games tested, is 12% slower than the RTX 2060, but the difference in price is more than 12%:

Cheapest Newegg price for 1660 Ti - $279 (link)
Cheapest Newegg price for 2060 - $339 (link)

At these prices, a 2060 is nearly 22% more expensive than a 1660 Ti. Regardless as to which one you go for, both will be a huge upgrade compared to your current GTX 680!
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Regards the brands I will be looking towards Asus, Top range 1660TI that has 1536 cuda cores that's boost clock to 1890MHz.

Then regards 2060 Looked at the Asus rog strix GeForce RTX 2060 oc edition. Regards the price it's £85 difference (give or take). Sales are the best time if it's a good amount off.

Just looking for a card that future proof that can handle 1440P (a monitor that I mentioned above) and twitch streaming. And above 60FPS.. LOL

2060 Super offers much more.. But at more cost and I only can go so far with my CPU


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Personally, I'd go with the 1660 Ti, despite the 2060 being the better card. £85 is fair chunk of money and if that amount could be saved every 6 months, for example, then by the time the 1660 Ti is dated, then you'd have a reasonable amount of money to put towards a full system upgrade.