Looking for a cheap EV? A $13,000 model launches later this year


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Something to look forward to: Electric cars are still seen as more expensive than their fossil fuels counterparts, and in many cases that’s true, but consumers in the US—Texas, initially—will soon be able to buy an EV for an amazing $13,000.

TechCrunch reports that Chinese electric vehicle and parts manufacturer Kandi Technologies Group is bringing two of its EVs to the US via its subsidiary Kandi America. Both will launch as early as the end of 2020, starting with a limited area in Texas.

The cheapest of the two cars is the subcompact K27 (top). It starts at $20,499, but as it is eligible for the $7,500 federal income tax credit, you end up paying just $12,999, which could make it an enticing buy for those on a budget. You’re obviously not getting a Tesla at that price: the K27’s 17.69 kWh battery gives it a range of just 100 miles and a top speed of 63 MPH—far from ludicrous.

The K23 (below) is slightly larger and comes with a 188-mile range and a top speed of 70 MPH. Both cars also feature a touchscreen interface, Bluetooth, and a backup camera. It starts at $29,999 before the tax credit, dropping to $22,499 after the incentive is applied.

Both EVs will initially be available in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how sales turn out; their performance makes them better suited for driving around cities, rather than highways, but the prices mean they're accessible to many.

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Do they have to be so fugly ?
lol, these remind me of the same kind of styling that cheap chinese gaming mice brands tend to stick to. If you shrunk one down to 1/24 scale and left it on my desk, I probably wouldn't think twice about trying to use it.

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Just glad to finally see a very reasonably priced unit. Even with minimal range, it certainly would be the perfect solution for a lot of short distance, inner city drivers .....


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The specs are garbage and their exterior designs are hideous (the K27 in particular not only looks ugly but also outdated - looks like an early 2000s nu-retro design). But I really like that the interior and dashboard look like a normal car instead of typical Tesla style trash dashboard.
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