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Oct 2, 2013
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  1. So, decided I should do a little outside the case upgrading. Problem is, since most of my expertise is on case hardware, I have no clue whats good, or where to buy said items im looking for, so hoping someone can help me out.

    Parts I'm looking for is new speakers, new mouse/keyboard, and a webcam. I'm looking for something good, reliable and does the job, some fancy perks would be nice, but nothing wallet breaking. I don't wanna spend $1000 on them, but preferably less then say ooh $300-$400 max, any less and it be better.. The ones I have now, are your basic Walmart bottom barrel ones, they work, but my mouse is already going out and my speakers sound like they're on the way out as well. So any advice, on what kind, where to buy online, so on and so forth would be greatly appreciated.
  2. fast_motion

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    Are you looking to upgrade to gaming equipment ( speakers, keyboard and mouse ) ?? if so then I'd recommend not to be so cheap as it will pay off in the long run.
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  4. Mogymog

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    I just dont really see the need to spend a huge amount on a mouse or keyboard. My stepfather has a $80 keyboard, the only difference really from the $30 one I have is his lights up and changes colors. His mouse cost about $200 cause it's a high end razor mouse. Other then being odd looking, it doesn't do a whole lot more then my current one. I don't mind paying, but if I'm gonna pay out the butt for an expensive item, I want it to be worth it, and to do more then just have 3 buttons and have a name associated with it.

    And yes, gaming equipment.. so I can game, and stuff.
  5. St1ckM4n

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    Speakers. Get 2.1 Logitechs, or 5.1 if you have room to set it up properly.

    Keyboard and mouse will be up to you. Decent mice start at $40, with $55 a nice mid-point. Keyboards are suddenly more expensive, but I'd aim for a <$80 one.

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