Looking for powerful 80mm fan, noise not a problem

By bobdole776
Dec 30, 2008
  1. just as stated, i'm looking for an 80mm fan that can move alot of air. i currently have one that runs at 5000 rpm and has some noise, but that doesn't bother me. i'm looking for one at a decent price that can really move some air. any suggestions?
  2. Drowsiness

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  3. bobdole776

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    looks nice, thanks. anymore?
  4. AdriMagnon

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    What are you gonna use this fan for? I ask because if you have the space in your case, assuming thats what its for, why not get a 120mm fan and a 120-to-80mm adapter?

    Nidec C34262-71 120mm Case Fan - Retail

    130 CFM
    53.3 dBA
    4000 RPM


    Thermaltake A2380 80mm to 120mm Fan Adapter - Retail



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