Looking for Software for a Training Center

By morland
Aug 29, 2009
  1. Hello,

    I am trying to find a software (ideally web based) which can be used for a Training Center which offers different types of courses. Can someone help me find some good softwares for this. I did try google but was unable to find anything.

    Below are some of the features that right away come to mind (just listing what's coming to mind). Am sure that as I spend more time, I will be able to think of many more desired features/functionality:

    1. People should be able to view the courses offered
    2. Register for courses
    3. Give Feedback for courses
    4. Training Center Administrator should be able to add/update courses (along with details about courses, details about faculty, course fee, course duration, course timings)
    5. A module for managing faculty profile
    6. A module for managing courses offered
    7. A module for reports
    8. Compile feedback received from people who attended courses
    9. Compile feedback about Instructor (from different people who attended the courses by that Instructor)
    10. etc. etc.

    Thank you.
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