Looking to buy a good gaming mouse, and difference between laser and infrared?

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Jul 13, 2008
  1. I'm looking to buy a good gaming mouse for under 100$, and what is the diffrence between a laser mouse and a infrared? I'm currently looking at Razer. The http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Razer_USA_Ltd chart on this looks like a good guide.
  2. pcnthuziast

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    I've never owned a Razer, but won't abandon Logitech as I feel they make the best mice.

    I highly recommend either the Logitech G5 or G7(cordless version of G5).
    The G9 loox good too, but I haven't tried 1 yet.
  3. TimeParadoX

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    I have a Razer DeathAdder and it's the best mouse I've ever had, it's very smooth and a DPI of 1800 ( anything more is just unnecessary ) and polling rate of up to 1,000, but keep it at 500 to keep your motherboard from BSODing. It has a palm grip so if you want a smooth looking mouse that feels great you could get it, but if it's strictly for gaming you might like a claw grip but those feel awkward when not gaming.
  4. gamerex

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    I don't use a claw grip as I'm usually a sniper and need precision. What is BSOD?
  5. TimeParadoX

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    BSOD is a Blue Screen of Death. If you have a polling rate of higher than 500 ( so 1000 ) it tends to blue screen since it's sending responses of 1ms to your mother board any time you do something to the mouse, such as clicking or moving and since it processes at 1ms it will put a lot of strain on the processor and motherboard which will cause BSODs after awhile. Default is 128 polling rate, so having 500 is already a advantage when playing CSS or something.
  6. pcnthuziast

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    In your oppinion. The difference between 1800 and 2000+ can be useful.

    Of course that's just my oppinion. ;)
  7. TimeParadoX

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    Well, not really... Seeing how 1800DPI in counterstrike would be a perfect sensitivity of about 2.8-3.2 and 2000 would only be a hundredth or so higher / lower, so the difference isn't that huge.
  8. gamerex

    gamerex TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 151

    Well, back to the main. I heard from reviews that Razer has many software problems and their product has been known to wear out, so now I'm considering the Logitech G9.
  9. fairytale00

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    Logitech G9 is very good gaming mouse.
  10. gamerex

    gamerex TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 151

  11. pcnthuziast

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    Interesting choice.

    Hope it works out for you... let us know!
  12. gamerex

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    Specs: 500 Poling interval

    Laser 2400/1600/800 dpi

    Sweat-free grips

    5 buttons, to on right side grip.

    Pros: 25$

    Smooth, high DPI

    High speed 37 IPS

    Consumer-freindly packaging


    No Drivers,


    USB 1.1???

    Only Right hand oriented

    Review: What a great mouse. I found I could actualy hit moving targets in BF2 and kill people while they're running and jumping and bunnyhopping and dolphin diving and c4 jumping and grenade soamming. My KDR improved about 60%. Great wonderful mouse. The sensitivity adjustment was great for when I hopeed in diffrent vehicles, as well as when I needed precision or speed, such as when I'm sniping or controling an AA platform.
  13. mopar man

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    So.... you recieved it? Do you like it?
  14. nosebleedXD

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    rofl your mouse is a brand i've never heard of

    you shoulda stuck with razer since you were looking for a razer mouse to begin with

    for 25 bucks dollar more you coulda gotten a diamond back 3g

    i dunno if the mouse you got was good or not seeing that the link did not have any reviews

    well anyways hoped you liked the mouse if you received it or not

    and i currently have a razer copperhead

    *teehee my mouse pad costed more than your mouse
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