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Loop Virus Fixed, but now have strange new user account

By ryanNEEDShelp
Jan 25, 2009
  1. Ok, so yesterday I was on a bad site. I got a fake toolbar message saying I was infected and needed to run some spyware cleaner or something. I then had a toolbar message saying my firewall was down--not sure if that was true or also a virus effect. Btw, I've read you can run free fire walls like Zone Alarm, etc... can you run those alongside your windows firewall?

    Anyways, I ended up running SuperAntiSpyware and MalewareRemovalBot and found a bunch of trojans but then my machine rebooted before they were able to remove everything, or at least that was my impression. Btw, I'm running XP SP2. And I have a recovery console set up.

    So when my machine rebooted it came up with a login screen which I never use and it would log me in and then log me out, the loop virus. So after running the Bart PE with the 2007 virus update (where I copied and pasted a new userinit.exe in the system32 folder) I was able to restart and actually login. But what was weird is that my desktop image was gone and my machine went back to the XP look instead of classic which I prefer. Also most of the programs on the desktop have a run time error and didn't work. I then realized that for some reason there's a new user account in the explorer that my XP seems to be running from. I can see my old documents folder and see my old desktop items but even those programs are acting like I haven't registered them.

    And to top it off, my internet access on the laptop is down. My "media state is disconnected." I updated the drivers to no avail. I know the internet is running as I'm on another desktop right now typing this.

    Right now I'm backing up all of my documents before I do something stupid. Here's the question, is it worth trying to fix this problem or should I reformat and start over? If I should reformat, is there any suggestions or links on doing that effectively whilst covering all the bases. It's been a long time since I formatted anything.

    Thanks so much if any one knows what I can do to fix this situation.

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